My name is Siri Atma Kaur. My purpose in this lifetime is to inspire people to connect with their soul and find inner peace. My name comes with the ability to make couragous and sometimes crazy decisions and choices.
I enjoy my journey.
There was a certain time in my life when I wasn't sure who I were and what was my purpose in this world. I seemed to have everything but still something was always missing. I wasn't sure what was missing in my life until I realized it was my inner peace and balance which was yet to be found. I graduated from highschool and got my BA in logistics. I worked in that field for ten years. That period in my life ended when my two wonderful sons were born.
In 2010 discovered kundalini yoga. From that day forward my life took a new more joyous turn. I started my yogapath in Karam Kriya kundalini yoga school where I became a kundalini yoga teacher.
Today I'm living in a countryhome in the midsts of Noarootsi forests. I like swinging in hammock, observing ants with my children, drinking a coctail made from spruce needles and eating fresh food
from my garden. This is my new beautiful life
where I'm living in harmony with the nature. 
In 2013 in order to learn more about the magic
of being a woman I started my studies to
become a Shakti dance yoga teacher.
In 2015 I discovered Reiki.
Today I have Reiki I and Reiki II cerification
and I'm planning to continue my studies with
Reiki III training. My job is to promote health.
I'm a yoga teacher in Haapsalu and Läänemaa.
Since autumn 2013. I'm a physical education teacher in Noarootsi Gymnasium and Noarootsi School. Through my own experience I have discovered that yoga has an amazing ability to bring back inner peace and balance which we sometimes tend to lose in our fastpaced daily lives. Inner peace allows us to experience more joy, happiness and freedom. I believe in the positive impact of what I do and that it helps to make the world a better place. Wahe Guru
Kaili Leht / Siri Atma Kaur

telephone: +3725102502

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